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Founded in 2017, Biocobre was highlighted in the current scenario by the development and commercialization of an adhesive film that uses antimicrobial copper ions capable of eliminating more than 90% of Sars-Cov-2 in less than 10 minutes. 


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A company focused on research and discovery of new technologies based on sustainable and ecological materials, aiming at a reverse logic of the common focusing on the commitment to solutions of high durability, efficiency and sustainability. Biocobre was thought of as a product for the future, serving as a prevention for 99.9% of viruses, fungi and bacteria with the capacity to last for decades in installed locations, a serious and dynamic company that is always developing news and looking for new solutions.


About the team

Conceived by businessman Felipe Kavaleski (left) with Diego Mazali (right) Biocobre Biotecnologia saw an opportunity in the health scenario and has been gaining prominence in the national scenario promising to guarantee excellence during all the processes of making and selling its products. 



In order to reduce the risks of contamination by the New Coronavirus, the founders invested even more in the development and research of their patented Biocobre material, including conducting research with Sars-Cov-2 itself (New Coronavirus), proving its effectiveness as well as in thousands of other types of viruses, fungi and bacteria. A practical, inexpensive, fast and lasting solution as the company idealizes.


How it works

When a microorganism reaches the Biocobre film, it is flooded with copper ions that bind to molecules present on the surfaces of bacterial and virus cells, destroying membranes and preventing cellular respiration. Biocobre not only kills these pathogens, it destroys DNA and RNA eliminating the possibility of mutation or evolution because all genes are destroyed

Source: Microbiologist Dr. Ana Paula Dores Ramos, technical and scientific consultant at Biocobre.


Laboratory tests of the Biocobre coating next to Sars-Cov-2 carried out in laboratory NB3 in São Paulo, Avenida Escola Politécnica, S / N, CIETEC Sector following ISO 21702-2019 parameters that demonstrated in preliminary tests the destruction of the Sars-Cov RNA -2 (New Coronavirus) in 77% in just 2 minutes and 95,4% in 10 minutes and 99,94% in 30 minutes. With its report certifying the effectiveness to eliminate 99.76% in up to 30 minutes for the new Sars-Cov-2 without the need for cleaning, use of chemicals or changes in the product. Product of high durability without validity or term of antimicrobial functions. 

The Biocobre alloy coating showed increased power in laboratory tests in relation to common copper and other materials. Potential antibacterial tests are being carried out in Santa Catarina following ISO 22196 parameters, which are constantly updated to reinforce scientific support for Biocobre material. Viral testing with Sars-Cov-2 showed that Biocobre has a result of minutes for eliminating the New Coronavirus compared to 4 hours with Common Copper. 

Biocobre has as part of its composition special copper antimicrobial ions, credited by the ordinance NBR 16316: 2014 of ABNT, which demonstrates that, when properly sanitized, eliminating any layers of dirt or oil that may create a barrier in the contact of the pathogen with the material, it certifies the 99,9% efficacy of eliminating various types of bacteria; * References of the bacteria tested in our study catalog. 

Reports and studies made with the Biocobre alloy coating do not guarantee or attest to the efficiency of Copper, Biocobre goes through different processes and treatments in relation to common copper.  

Biocobre has a patent applied for with the INPI and WIPO for its characteristics and antimicrobial potential, any similar products even if processed with the same material, may not have the same efficiency certified and proven by Biocobre. Biocobre is not responsible for and does not guarantee the effectiveness of any copper-based or similar product other than Biocobre.

Biocobre and its products have the appropriate patents filed and their registered trademark.

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